security Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is the most important direction for us. In this section you can read the data that are collected from you and why we stored , use and share them within our system.

settings_input_hdmi Things what we collect

1 - Your IP Address
Why ? We need to get your country from IP to show the major leagues in your countries and correct timezone with matches.

2 - Facebook Login
Why ? It is optional function to be a registered member of our website. In this option , we collect only your profile picture , name and email, we do not include other personal specifics of details.

perm_data_setting Internal Data processing

1 - Understanding User Generated Contents
How ? In our system, we share some public information to each of our users. For example

  • Your public profile
  • Your comments
  • Your votings
  • Your predictions
  • Some informations like above are displayed as you submitted and there might be others that are using as aggregate for the results. For example
  • If you voted Manchester United to win the opponent, your vote is counted as one aggregate to the overall percentage without showing that as you submitted and it is automatically processed by our system.